What does the term Sales Gatekeeper mean and where did the term originate?

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The term "Sales Gatekeeper" refers to a person or department within a company that controls access to decision-makers who are involved in the purchasing process. The Sales Gatekeeper's role is to filter incoming sales inquiries and determine which ones are worthy of further consideration, and which ones should be rejected or redirected.

The Sales Gatekeeper can be a receptionist, administrative assistant, executive assistant, or any other person or department that is responsible for screening incoming sales calls and emails. The Sales Gatekeeper's primary function is to ensure that only the most qualified sales leads are passed on to the appropriate decision-makers, which can save time and resources for both the sales team and the company.

The term "Sales Gatekeeper" likely originated in the 1980s or 1990s as companies began to adopt more formalized sales processes and specialized departments or individuals were tasked with managing incoming sales inquiries. Today, the role of the Sales Gatekeeper has become even more important as companies receive an increasing volume of sales inquiries and need to be more selective about which ones they pursue.

Overall, the Sales Gatekeeper plays a critical role in the sales process and can greatly impact a company's ability to effectively engage with potential customers and close sales.