Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if your sales team is performing at its potential?

Most salespeople are warming up with live leads. It's not their fault; it takes a couple of selling engagements to get their heads in the game. Smarter Selling Systems get salespeople's heads in the game faster, extending peak selling times to earlier in a selling shift. Better start, stronger finish. 


How long are these videos?

We follow a micro-learning format which means 2-5 minutes in length. We agree with proponents of micro-learning that short bursts of content delivered directly before related tasks create a better and more productive experience for the user. 


What do you mean by Preparation, Motivation, and Inspiration?

Salespeople need more than repetitive fundamental teaching to create more productive sales engagements. Core human drivers are necessary to move people to perform at higher levels. This is why we mix the menu with content that inspires, motivates, and trains.


What is arc hacking?

Salespeople might go and see a motivational speaker or read the occasional inspirational story, which will temporarily impact their sales. But these occasional bursts have an "arc" that always ends up back on the flat line where it started. By placing our video content in the correct order, you keep your sales team in those performance "arcs" with much greater regularity. See how it works here.


Do you have a guide to managing the implementation of Smarter Selling?

Yes!  We have an easy-to-follow 90-day Plan. All you need to do is follow the proven pattern and apply it to your sales team's transformation.


Is Smarter Selling Systems something I have to manage every day?

No. Smarter Selling Systems is as simple as you need it to be. You can add our video content to your daily routine - delivered directly to YOUR inbox.


Does Smarter Selling Systems work well with remote workers?

Yes! Smarter Selling Systems was partly developed in response to issues born from poor, remote selling performance. Smarter Selling Systems is ideal for remote and outside salespeople because we send daily videos to any device through email.


Are there resources to help me with Selling Smarter?

Yes!  The companion book, written by our founder and CEO Bruce P. Hood, is a quick read for business owners and managers who have salespeople selling products one-on-one that cannot be sold by passive means. The book and its online resources are a step-by-step guide on how to play in the majors. You can be more effective and consistent no matter what you think.