Stop Creating Hot Leads for your Competition - yeah, you are doing that...

  • Get your best salespeople to share information instead of hoarding it

  • How to effectively manage off-site salespeople

  • Why do over-scripted pitches no longer work?

  • Inspiring healthy competition in a sales department

  • How to pull salespeople out of a slump

  • The power of a randomized team bonus system

  • Fix your 80/20 team dynamic for good

  • How to care for and feed superstar salespeople

This book is for business owners and managers who have salespeople selling products one-on-one that cannot be sold by passive means. This material is for people who want growth in their team and themselves. This book and its online resources are a step-by-step guide on how to play in the majors. You can be more effective and consistent no matter what you think right now.